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Welcome to the Center for Climate Change and Environmental Studies

What is climate change?

Climate change is one of the most pressing issues facing the planet – and one everyone can do something about. From recycling to offsetting emissions, and from turning the thermostat down to buying a more economical car, there are many steps you can take to help safeguard the future of the planet.

Almost all of the energy that drives the various systems (climate systems, ecosystems, hydrologic systems, etc.) found on the Earth originates from the sun . Solar energy is created at the core of the sun when hydrogen atoms are fused into helium by nuclear fusion .. The core occupies an area from the sun's center to about a quarter of the star's radius. At the core, gravity pulls all of the mass of the sun inward and creates intense pressure. This pressure is high enough to force the fusion of atomic masses.

What you can do

Burning fossil fuels to heat our homes or produce electricity releases carbon emissions, which cause climate change. The energy you use at home is likely to be your biggest contribution to climate change. 80 per cent of it goes on heating and hot water, so this is a good place to look for savings.

Bush burning & flared Gas are dangerious to the environment. These practices should be avoided.

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News & Events

Register today to attend the First Ladies Forum on Climate Change, an official UNFCCC side event at COP 17

Event details :

Date: 29 November 2011

Time: 20:15 - 21:45

Location: International Convention Center Durban, Room 1

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17 November 2011 - (African Herald Express)

Centre for Climate Change holds First Ladies Forum featuring world leaders during UNFCCC COP17 Conference (See full article)

13 October 2011 - (

Mexico Embassy Holds Seminar On Environment - The embassy of Mexico in Nigeria in collaboration with Center for Climate Change and Environmental Studies of Nigeria, a Non-governmental Organisation, organized a seminar in order to create awareness in the Nigerian public opinion about the global efforts in favor of environment in Abuja...(See full article)

31 January 2011 -- (MSNBC)

Nigeria-Based Center for Climate Change Makes Plans to Open Office in the U.S. in Efforts to Launch Environmental Studies for UNFCCC (See full article)

8 October 2010 -- (Abribiz)

Nigeria & ECCO2 Join to Stimulate Economy and Reduce Greenhouse Gases (See full article)