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Global warming
Climate Change Society
Biodiversity and Human Wellbeing
Greenhouse Gas
The Amazon a Key Ecosystem
What is Biomass
The Ozone
Gas Flaring
The Global Carbon Cycle

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Climate change is any long-term significant change in the “average weather” of a region or of the earth as a whole. Average weather may include average temperature, precipitation and wind patterns. It involves changes in the variability or average state of the atmosphere over durations ranging from decades to millions of years. These changes may be caused by dynamic processes on Earth, external forces including variations in sunlight intensity, and more recently by human activities.

In recent usage, especially in the context of environmental policy, the term "climate change" usually refers to changes in modern climate.

  • Global warming.
  • Climate Change Society.
  • Biodiversity and Human Wellbeing.
  • Greenhouse Gas.
  • The Amazon a Key Ecosystem.
  • What is Biomass
  • The Ozone
  • Gas Flaring
  • The Global Carbon Cycle